Who Is More Susceptible To Getting Plantar Fasciitis? What You Can Do To Prevent Being One Of Them

Posted on: 22 December 2020

Plantar fasciitis can affect just about anyone, but there may be things you are doing that could be making you more susceptible to developing this condition. If you have plantar fasciitis, you may have wondered what has caused this condition and what you can change to help treat this condition and prevent the need to have surgery in order to treat the condition. Read on for information about who is most susceptible to getting plantar fasciitis and what you can do.

Who Is More Susceptible?

1. Those who are susceptible include anyone that is overweight, as the extra weight can lead to too much stress on the foot and other joints of the body. When you are overweight, the extra strain can cause the tendon in the foot to stretch too far and become overworked, as it takes a lot to carry all of that extra weight around. If you are overweight, you need to start taking control of your weight and get onto a weight loss program. Chances are if you're overweight, you more than likely suffer from other types of ailments and illnesses as well because of the extra weight.

2. Those that are on their feet a lot can also be susceptible. If you work on your feet and are always on the move, or you stand in one place all of the time, your feet are usually the biggest sufferers. You could have plantar fasciitis, in addition to other foot ailments as well. You need to be sure you are wearing the right type of footwear and are wearing shoes that help to support your feet. You also need to be sure your shoes provide enough cushion, in addition to comfort. If you are on your feet a lot, take a few minutes to stretch your feet throughout the day.

These are just a few of the people that may suffer from plantar fasciitis. If you are someone that suffers from this condition, be sure you go to the podiatrist for treatment options. There are a number of things your podiatrist may suggest, including changing your shoes, adding inserts, using kinesiology tape, or over-the-counter pain medication. In more extreme treatments, when you've tried everything else, surgery may be required. 

If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, make an appointment with the podiatrist. Don't live with this painful condition for too long, as you could also begin to notice other issues with your feet or body over time in order to compensate for the pain, including a change in your gait. Make an appointment today to talk about plantar fasciitis treatment