• Who Is More Susceptible To Getting Plantar Fasciitis? What You Can Do To Prevent Being One Of Them

    Plantar fasciitis can affect just about anyone, but there may be things you are doing that could be making you more susceptible to developing this condition. If you have plantar fasciitis, you may have wondered what has caused this condition and what you can change to help treat this condition and prevent the need to have surgery in order to treat the condition. Read on for information about who is most susceptible to getting plantar fasciitis and what you can do.
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  • Diabetic Wounds Need Proper Care So They Heal Quicker And With Fewer Complications

    When you have diabetes, your body is under threat of complications over the course of your disease. One of these complications is the development of wounds in your feet. Diabetic foot wounds are fairly common and they can lead to the need for amputation. Consider seeing a podiatrist early in the course of your diabetes so you can learn how to watch for wounds and prevent them. Prompt care is essential once a wound has developed.
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