Addressing Your Chronic Heel Pain

Posted on: 23 September 2018

For those that are unfortunate enough to experience significant heel pain, it may seem as though it will be impossible to find relief from this discomfort. However, chronic heel pain does not have to dominate your life, as there are steps that can reduce the severity of these symptoms.

Control Swelling

Some patients will find that intense swelling seems to occur with heel pain. Addressing this swelling can help to alleviate the severity of the pain you experience. It can also help to limit the damage that may be done to the tissue. An ice pack may be the most effective way of addressing swelling, but some people may not use this option due to the discomfort of feeling extreme cold on the skin. Using a thin cloth can minimize this discomfort so that you can keep the ice pack on the heel for longer.

Identify The Heel Pain Triggers

There may be certain activities that are more likely to trigger the heel pain. Being able to identify these triggers can allow you to proactively avoid these activities. Keep a small notepad with you and write down the activities that you were doing when the heel pain started. By reviewing these notes, it should be far easier to identify exactly what is triggering your heel pain.

Invest In Orthotic Inserts

Heel pain is often a product of the uneven distribution of the body's weight. This can strain the muscles and other tissues in the foot and heel. Sadly, some people will find that it can be difficult to find shoes that do not make this problem worse. If you are facing this situation, the use of high-quality orthotic inserts can better distribute the weight of the body and absorb the force of impact from your steps. These inserts must be periodically changed, as they will gradually become compressed by the weight of the body, which will impact their ability to support the body and absorb the impact from walking around.

Consider Seeing A Foot Specialist

If you are finding that your heel pain continues for a prolonged period of time, or it actually worsens, it may be necessary to undergo professional treatment. There are many potential causes of chronic heel pain that may need surgery to correct. For example, it can be possible for bone spurs, nerve damage, and even small fractures to contribute to this pain. Unfortunately, these are problems that may be unlikely to resolve themselves, and they can actually worsen without professional treatment. For more information, contact a podiatrist in your area that offers heel pain services.