These Shoe-Related Warning Signs Should Prompt You To Visit A Podiatrist

Posted on: 7 September 2016

When it comes to knowing when it's time to visit a podiatry clinic, many people simply wait until their feet are sore or they're experiencing other foot-related issues. However, if you know of some warning signs that indicate early signs of foot trouble, you can schedule an appointment with your podiatrist before you're in discomfort. One of the best ways to get an early indicator of foot issues is to carefully inspect your shoes for concerning signs of wear. Here are some different things to watch for; if you see them, try to get in to see the podiatrist right away.

Uneven Tread Wear

Grab a pair of shoes, flip them over, and inspect the treads. Unless the shoes are brand new, you're likely to see some degree of wear throughout the treads. Ideally, the wear will be even — some wear around the heel and some around the ball of the foot and in other areas. It's a concern, however, if you're seeing tread wear that appears uneven. For example, if one or both of the shoes' treads are significantly worn down along the outer edge, it's a concern that either the shoes aren't right for you or your gait is such that more pressure is exerted on the outside of each foot.

Stretching Around The Ankles

If you hold a pair of shoes upright and look at the leather or fabric around the inner and outer ankles, check for bulging or stretching. While a slight degree of misshaping can occur if the shoe material is exceptionally tight, it's a cause for worry if there's a significant amount of bulging or stretching. This can suggest that your ankles are either rolling inward or outward when you walk, which could eventually lead to foot or ankle pain.

Issues Around The Toes

Sometimes, you'll see a well-worn pair of shoes in which the toes have pushed the material outward or even punctured holes in the material. This can suggest that the shoes are too small, but it can also mean that your feet are sliding around inside the shoes when you walk — an indicator that the shoes are too big. Wearing shoes that fit poorly can lead to a wide range of foot-related issues that can send you to the podiatrist in pain.

If you're able to notice these early warning signs of foot or ankle issues and haven't experienced any pain, you're in luck — and a local podiatrist, such as those found at Mid Nebraska Foot Clinic, will be able to make suggestions that can prevent you from developing pain.